We would like to acknowledge and thank the following people, who generously supported the creation of volume 1 of this book via the crowd funding site, Kickstarter. Whether family, friends, or total strangers, your belief in this book means the world to us. Thank you so much.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Terry Nantier at NBM Publishing, for additional support of our Kickstarter campaign.

Dara & Brent

Adam Luchjenbroers
Ali Akbar Mahdi
Andy Bennett
Annalisa Ventola
Arsia Rozegar
Ashley Aminian
Bahram Mirfendereski
Bob Corby
Casey Hoch
Christian Hoffer
Christo van Wyk
Cody Thompson
Daryn Guarino
Diana Sofariu
Dr. Dineh
Ebrahim Paydar
Elika & Cody
Eric Palicki
Gib Bickel
The Gibbons Family
Harry Knight
Hassan Alamdari
James Moore
Jason Hissong
Jessi Hersey
Josh Miller
Judy McGuire
Dr. Kambiz
K Kisner
Katharine Kan
Ken Eppstein
KT Swartz
Leighton Connor
Leilani Cantu
Mandana & Bahram
Margreet de Heer
Mark Latture
Mark Martel
Markus Zwinger
Marlene and Manouher
Marnie Galloway
Matt Dembicki
Matthew Kish
Megan Crawford
Michael Shaudon Paktinat
Mike Gilson
Mitra Rahnamai
Nand Dussault
Nathan Blumenfeld
Rachel McDonald
Rafael Rosado
Rafer Roberts
Randy Meredith
Reza Farivar
Richard Krauss
Rob Vollmar
Robert & Kelly Zwink
Robert Davis
Sabrina Spruitenburg
Sean Kelly
Sean Kleefeld
Sean McGurr
Sean T McBeth
Shahrokh Minoui
Shaun Manning
Stergios Botzakis
Steven Hager
Susan Adami
Susan Bradt
Ted Brown
Thad Linson
Thomas Rood
Tim Kenyon
Tim McClurg
Timothy Fischer
Tony Goins
Tony Isabella
Travis Horseman
W.R. Printz

For those of you curious about our Kickstarter campaign, you can view the project’s archived page here. And here’s a look at the video promoting the project:


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